APR 3 - 8 / 2023

Transmision en vivo



The place is on the middle of the ANDEAN MOUNTANING, is really mistik and have strong wind every single day.
Also is a cheap place compare with othe which allow to the competitiors to came to stay and trying for as much days want with a low cost of living.

Queen of the AIR

The Queen of the air contest: 
The main focus of the event  is to promote the Extreme Big-Air kiteboarding discipline
The winner will win a COMPLETE KITE AND the second will  win A COMPLETE KITEBOARD 


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Winner Fly To
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Winner AAK


Fly-To Red Bull

Fly-To Red Bull King of the Air Qualifier Series video contest cuestadelvientobigair.com
The Fly-To Red Bull King of the Air Qualifier Series is a world wide tour of ‘approved events’ run on the same format and judging criteria of Red Bull King of the Air.
The main focus of the series is to promote the Extreme Big-Air kiteboarding discipline, while also select top-skilled riders for the main event finals in Cape Town, South Africa.
The winner of each Fly-To Red Bull King of the Air Qualifier contest will gain flight/travel costs to Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town, and an invitation to the Red Bull King of the Air seeding round that will allow the rider to fight for a spot in the final.

17 FEB Video contest Opening ( video clips-view on website/INSTA)
17 MARCH – Video contest closing (1 month duration)
20 MARCH – Rider’s confirmations (2/3 days obtaining all rider’s confirmations of participation /on line registrations)
– Rider’s list announcement. /(official communication through WEBSITE/PRESS/SOCIALS ect)

30 March – Start of official communications: up-date Event status (weather conditions +Potential call)
04 April – Open Waiting period
08 April – End Waiting period

VIDEO CONTEST ranking: only Top 8 will be directly selected for Cuesta del Viento Fly-To main event. All other video-contestant will have a second chance in the qualifier heat that will be run as 1st heat on event-day and will allowed 3 riders in the main event/Final.

Must be uploaded Instagram personal hashtag #videocontestCDV + tagging @cuestadeelviento_bigair
IMPORTANTE !!! subir video personal al instagram hashtag #videocontestCDV + tagging @cuestadeelviento_bigair

1 VIDEO: 1 rider = 1 video-clip. The riders do have the option to remove/update/replace a video with a newer/better one during the course of the competition, however only one video per rider will be scored.
5 MOVES: Each rider can include a MAXIMUM of 5 jumps/moves in each edited video. (There will be no further judgement after the 5th move is shown/completed).
3 BEST: 3 scores count. The panel will judge the video-clip on Red Bull King of the Air Judging Criteria based on 3 best significant different tricks/jumps and general flow.
VARIETY: Variety in the jumps and move-selection is extremely important. Repetition of similar jumps (and/or tricks) could result in lowering scores.
TAKE OFF & LANDING: Each filmed trick shown in the video-clip must include the rider’s start, the execution and the landing. Make sure that take-off is clearly visible as well as the landing. If the landing is cut-off or removed it will probably reduce chances of consideration from the panel. (No take-off or landing = No score).
FOCUS: Do not split the video-clip/camera-angles at mid jump.The clip will need to show and follow the entire jump from take-off to landing. No slow-motion playback, regular speed playback only.
EDITING: No fancy editing required. Raw, unedited footage will also work. Videos do not need to be a masterpiece, all we need is to clearly see the potential of the ride and the value of the moves.
LENGTH: Max 1 minute. The videoclip can not exceed 60 seconds (1’,00”). We are not looking for long video clips (clip can be shorter but no further judgement after 59’’ seconds or after the 5th move is shown/completed).
FOOTAGE Must be uploaded to riders Instagram personal account with the hashtag #videocontestCDV, also tagging the event on the publication ( @cuestadeelviento_bigair ) and it must be sent with the inscription formulary as well.
OLD FOOTAGE: Footage must have been filmed in the past 12 months. No previous Red Bull King of the Air video clips or entry application videos (or part of previous event live streams) will be allowed.